About Us

We’re a leading supplier of chemicals, glassware, and lab products

EOS Scientific was established on July 1, 2009 to market, sell, and distribute chemicals and laboratory products in Asia Pacific. The company is managed by scientists and chemists with advanced degrees and decades of hands-on experience. The top management team has a proven track record and over 50 years of collective experience in the chemical, biochemical, and biotech industries. This includes significant manufacturing, sales, and marketing roles in major multinational companies.

Our vision

To be the best distributor of quality scientific and chemical products in Asia Pacific.


A focus on quality, service, and value for customers

Our sales and technical team have strong product knowledge and keep up to date with the latest in science and technology. We work closely with our suppliers to carefully assess and select the chemicals and equipment that we carry to ensure our customers receive the highest-quality products at all times. We are also experienced in inventory management, logistics, and distribution to ensure the consistency and timeliness of supply to our customers.

Our partners

  • Carl Roth
  • RCI